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Standard User jsp21c
(member) Sat 21-May-11 11:26:01
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3 Mobile DNS Errors Sorted (Possibly).

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A week ago my Samsung Galaxy S2 arrived to suppliment my E367 dongle. Once I've used the 15GB of data on the dongle I can move over to the S2 for Internet.
The S2 tethers via USB easily and also works well as a wireless hotspot, but occasionally I was getting DNS errors while browsing.
I Googled a few options, tried changing to the Google DNS servers which sometimes worked and sometimes didn't but this morning but now I think I've found the fix to the DNS errors.

This morning I could browse to the first web page but not go any further, the DNS error page kept coming up. I changed from tethered USB to a wireless connection and the same thing happened even with the Google DNS settings ( &
So I looked at what other options were available in the Network & Sharing Centre (Windows 7). The usb wireless adapter on my PC also shows a MS Virtual WiFi MiniPort which I explored and changed a few thing to see if it made any difference. It seems that enabling Internet Connection Sharing on the adapter fixed the DNS errors.

The settings are network & sharing centre / change adapter settings / right click on your adapter (wired or wireless) / Properties / Sharing tab / tick both boxes & select "using ICS/Settings / enable mail and web servers from list (HTTP & HTTPS).
I haven't selected remote desktop or telnet but done everything else.

I have done this for both the wired and wireless adapters to the Galaxy S2 and fingers crossed it has fixed the DNS errors. I will also do it for the ethernet connection to my 3g router when it is next connected.
In July I'm joining the masses fleeing TalkTalk and indeed will be cancelling that dedicated PC land line all together & going fully 3g for Internet access.
You can see this morning's speed test from the tethered Galaxy S2 here.
In comparison my land line is giving 1.6 down and 0.6 up.

ASUS P7P55D-EVO, Intel Core i7 860, 8GB Corsair DDR3, Windows 7x64
Fractal Design R3 Black Case

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Standard User knighton
(learned) Sun 22-May-11 13:24:05
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Re: 3 Mobile DNS Errors Sorted (Possibly).

[re: jsp21c] [link to this post]
Well that seems to have sorted my DNS probs as well - now to get a more consistent signal!!

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