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Standard User obsidianaura
(newbie) Tue 13-Sep-11 11:25:10
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Huawei e367 HSPA+ VS 3G issues.

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Hi there, I'm new I hope I'm posting in the right place?

I've just got the latest dongle from Three and I'm having a strange problem.

While on 3G the speeds are around 4mbps which is great for me considering my ADSL is 0.5mbps on a good day (the reason I went for 3G.)

However it keeps switching to HSPA+ mode which you'd think would be good but the speeds drop down to around 0.4mbps on any computer I've tried it with as well as plugged into my router.

It flicks between 3G and HSPA+ mode around once a minute making smooth streaming impossible and web browsing irritating.

I was wondering if this is to be expected with HSPA+ as it's so new, or is there something I can do about it.

I've ordered a ZTE MF112 which is only capable of 3G (only £10 on eBay) in the hopes that it will work as an interim measure until the HSPA+ situation is resolved.

Does anyone know of a way to prevent it from switching to HSPA+ mode? The dongle is plugged into a 3G router to share the connection so software settings won't work.

I've emailed three about it but they haven't responded. Not that I'm hopeful that they could answer this.
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