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Standard User johncrad
(newbie) Sat 15-Oct-11 14:03:04
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can't login to 3 MBB a/c when connecting with another device

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I have a UK 3 MBB account for a 3 Huawei E353 MBB dongle. I am away from home and need to access this account online to top it up, so that my wife can use the UK 3 dongle and account at home.

When I go to, I get a page saying "Hello" and "Login to your My3 account" - but only with a link enabling me to register, and with nothing enabling me to log in. (I'm already registered).

Is this problem caused by the fact that I am trying to access my account having connected to the internet without using the dongle that the account is for?

If so, what's wrong with that? If that wasn't allowed, what's the point of having a wetware password?

All I'd like to do is log in to my account so as to top it up smile

Any help gratefully received!

Standard User ceedee
(committed) Sat 15-Oct-11 15:09:27
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Re: can't login to 3 MBB a/c when connecting with another de

[re: johncrad] [link to this post]
There are fields on that page for you to enter Mobile/device number and Password.
If they are not being displayed, it may be a problem with your browser. Recommend you either clear your browser's cache or try a different application.
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