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(Unregistered)Wed 18-Jan-12 07:26:36
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Huawei E586 MiFi and adding APN

[link to this post]
I have a nice E586 MiFi modem router with NO RJ45. Using the Sonera 3G (up to 21M) HiSpeed network in Finland.
I need a few ports for my NAS so got an Edimax APN (EW-7416APn V2) and am having some trouble setting it up to extend the network.
(As a side issue I have noticed some dropout from time to time with the actual Router (E586) which is annoying too).
Anyone tried to add an APN to a MiFi?
How is it done? I have tried to match the settings in the E586 but maybe not right as it doesn't work.
Thanks for any info.
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