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(Unregistered)Wed 20-Jun-12 14:44:57
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3G Broadband are the worst company Iíve ever dealt with.

They promise speeds of 7.2Mb/sec, I get on average 0.50Mb/sec, going as low as 0.04Mb/sec very often or outside the network, downloading takes forever. The speed is terrible and connection is failing all the time, I went back to shop ,they told me call the CS and get cancellation code,so many calls to costumer service and nobody are authorized to cancel.THIS WAS A JOKE!!! Would anybody know how to cancel the contract if we are still in 14 days money back guarantee? I did not know and do not know untill now. However, now is already a few month as I have this 'broadband' with direct debit. But they donít want to here anything about any cancellation.

They donít listen.

They are unprofessional.

They are chancers.

Customer service broke my heart & continue to do so.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 20-Jun-12 16:35:27
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Re: Expert

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]
3g broadband is the technology and three are one provider. The 7.2Meg is the maximum speed of 3g and actual speed varies on distance from mast.

Are youin the first 14 days or hand the service for a few months?

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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Standard User Daniel_g
(member) Wed 20-Jun-12 16:36:19
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Re: Expert

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]
Not sure what to suggest about your slow speed.
If it the same tower, so always at home or work you speed test.

Could be a well used tower so all sharing a bit of the bandwidth, We are not 250m from a tower in built up area so cant see it) and now getting this as turned phone into portable wifi point and linked computer to phone for internet access.

Is bad, goes upto 2meg something on a good day but mostly around 1mb down and 1or 2 hundred Kbs up so is poor just now.

Have you tried another tower with same set up, guessing portable so dongle for laptop or a smartphone.

Can you argue, no tower nearby so no good for your needs and try the not supplying good sppeds to be useless.

Upto 7.2 is the best, at work ( or was to 4 weeks ago) the tower there I would have used gave 3 or 4 meg, even 5 once or twice.

Does change but your seems bad if that al the time.

Just done again with different test server and this, more normal.

This site is good. See where tower is to home or work.

put in OX14 1PP

shelley close and closest tower for any provider is 3, why I picked and me thinks for upto 7.2Meg, not the best but useable, been in places like illfracmbe in Devon and most of the time, nothing and two Three network towers there but no network or 2G signal so no good and would not download anything worked and didnot, was blaiming the phone but back here not stopped once so them or dodgy area, what you are in I guess..
the delights of mobile. goes or does not, ok here in Oxfordshire driving around, illfracombe rubbish, guess you are in the illfracombe coverage (rubbish).
Would be moaning like you if had the 24 month contract and lived there.

The way it goes.
Try the mobile coverage on there site, goes it say good, if does and not ( and is not I guess), a argueing point.

Write to main uk complaints if not already done and register the letter so they cant use " never recieved sir".

Cant help but just my thoughts.

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Standard User CJT
(committed) Thu 21-Jun-12 19:20:01
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Re: Expert

[re: Anonymous] [link to this post]
Hello Anon,

Can I ask you a few questions?

Where was the Modem/Contract purchased from? (in a store, on-line)
Was it purchased directly from 3 (either on-line - or in a 3Store on the high street) ?

What exactly was said to you when you went into the store to return the item?

Based on those answers I can try and give you some help.



ON BT Total Broadband .

My Broadband Speed Test

Standard User Yves
(knowledge is power) Sat 23-Jun-12 21:28:41
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Re: Expert

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
I am also seeing very poor speeds in Central London. At times no data goes through. This appears to be due to very severe congestion.

I am told that 3 have 50% of the UK's 3G capacity. But 3 are also the only UK network to offer an unlimited data tariff so I guess this attracts heavy users.
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