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Standard User tthom
(regular) Thu 15-Nov-12 19:34:04
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Thee Issues

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I have had a great service with 3 at home until recently...

I seen on there website planned work today and I seen "Openreach" working on the mast now they share this mast with T-mobile I believe and on Road works scotland shows work between 13th-26th My issues started on the 13th so slots in to place..

Now I call three about my signal being halfed and can get H and struggle to get H+ and they say there are NO issues in the area I am calling about but it was fine before they started work the mast/cell

Also I rechecked 3's website as before it say'd maintenance on 15th and 18th of this month but now all dates have been removed

My amazing 3 service has went down the pan need help please

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Standard User boriscrispin
(newbie) Fri 16-Nov-12 08:54:50
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Re: Three Issues

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Hi - I have to report similar issues very recently, work scheduled on my local (in sight-line) mast at Midhurst led to my 3network speeds cutting out completely over the course of four or five days, and when connection was made it was at terrible speeds. This came off the back of great service, I have been using it as my home's internet, tethered to a mobile phone, we also use a 3G repeater and aerial to maximise what we can, as we are in a rural location. We used to average 4mbps download and 2.5 up. Since the work has apparently 'finished' on the mast, the speed is consistently alot less, though admittedly as come back, in the last 24 hours to being more consistant generally (2mbps/1mbps) than those terrible recent days.
Like someone else I spoke to said, I hope they're not trying some marketing scheme to get us all into bed with 4G, by sabotaging their own 3G service. But that seems ridiculous! smile
We are deeply reliant on it being a strong service as it used to be, so fingers crossed its on the way back.
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