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Standard User tdjohn
(learned) Thu 10-Jan-13 10:41:24
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Huawei E5756 - Best Data Plan

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With BT having just put back our fiber date again having done a review of the various iPad, dongle and built in laptop mobile broadband I've decided to order a Huawei E5756. Probably should have asked on here before doing that - but done now.

We travel a lot and even though hotels etc claim free wifi we rarely find it reliable or works and end up staying on mobile networks as connectivity is crucial. My idea is the 5 devices we travel with can connect to this thing and run up a single bill.

I also want to be able to use it as backup our home office (surprising how often this is required).

We currently have a couple of £10.50 a month plans with O2 for the iPads and a Vodafone PAYG for backup in a laptop (regular sim). My initial thought was to use that Voadfone sim in the E5756 as we get reasonable coverage in our rural area, but I think this will be expensive and for all the searching I've done I can't work out the sim format for the E5756 - anyone know?

I was thinking of trying 3, we are borderline coverage on their map (pretty much the same with all networks) - they have a 10gb plan for £15/month which seems OK. Just wondered if anyone knows of better?

So - 2 questions after that waffle:

1. What format sim for the E5756?
2. Best value sim only 1 month data plan out there?

Edit: Just noticed the next post re EE and turning on more cities so checked their coverage, we're kind of covered - moderate on 4g and very good on 3g, this is a first for mobile coverage. Only downer is they don't seem to do sim only data plans!



My Broadband Speed Test

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