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Standard User MadPom
(regular) Wed 20-Feb-13 08:08:48
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4G Spectrum Auction Results

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Everyone's a winner it seems. All 4 mobile networks have an allocation.

O2 have the 800MHz allocation that requires guaranteed coverage. All operators have won some 800MHz spectrum but EE and Voda both have a large chunk at 2.6GHz where coverage will likely require more masts than 3G. Three should be able to start providing better building penetration with 800MHz though without VoLTE they may end up losing voice/messaging revenue to VoIP services.

BT have a large chunk of 2.6GHz - more than they might have needed for local site networks or point-to-point so speculation is they could be entering the mobile market.

The full allocation results are on OFCOM's site.

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