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Standard User pcoventry76
(knowledge is power) Fri 12-Apr-13 12:27:10
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My Experience of EE 4G/LTE

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I have ranted a bit on the news page but here's my experience. Just in case anyone is wondering.

My experience lasted 4 days.

Got my Sim on Monday 8th April. Using Ipad mini on a sim only 3GB deal. Great 4G - Lovely!. Sim was activated fine

First test was about 16 down in Cardiff City Centre. I live in Newport

First speed test at home. 8.24mbps down

But can you see what's wrong?

Exactly.. It's maxing out at 8.24mbps.

Upload? nice but with no tethering option until May for the Ipad mini pointless!

Called Disconnections Team on Tuesday - waited over an hour in the queue. was told sorry can't take call as they had closed for the day.(was 8PM I think)

Wednesday - called again. Waited 42 mins - answered by someone in above department. Transferred to another department. Was told I would get a call back. Got called back 10 mins later, put on hold and disconnected. Was about home time so no call again for me. (I also got sick of being called "mate" and this happened from Sunderland and Bristol call centres) If I wanted to be called Mate I would ring my mate!

Went to a store today so show them the problem, Staff seemed unintersted as I was not buying anything. Showed the guy and he said to me " look" in a rather stern tone.

" We limit the cells until we have enough customer to justify the demand" - which if so means they are mis selling - Oh my!

Came home ranting about this and convinced nothing would change my mind about leaving them. I called once more and after 12 mins I was answered by a chap who, to his credit actually cared for

Anyway I have been disconnected again (after sim was re activated early hours this morning) and that's the end of it but it's ironic how the last person I spoke to (who took on board all my feedback and sent it on as well as sending me an e-mail with the feedback he had sent back to the store and retail side) was the only one who spoke any sense!

I hope you all have better luck should you try them.

Edited by pcoventry76 (Fri 12-Apr-13 12:31:04)

Standard User Zadeks
(experienced) Fri 12-Apr-13 14:36:31
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Re: My Experience of EE 4G/LTE

[re: pcoventry76] [link to this post]
Exception video. I'm blown away.
Standard User pcoventry76
(knowledge is power) Fri 12-Apr-13 20:19:28
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Re: My Experience of EE 4G/LTE

[re: Zadeks] [link to this post]
Sorry it's small and sideways if people want to see it best to download the link I think and use WMP or VLC or Quicktime. Imageshack sucks for hosting frown

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