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Standard User Jonmobile
(newbie) Sun 29-Sep-13 19:11:07
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4g on one EE sim, 3g on another?

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Hi, got a strange issue here that has EE stumped. I signed up for a pay monthly/30 day deal on EE directly via the web site and got a 4gee sim and it works just fine where I live. I've now signed up for a business plan to get greater data allowance and it will only connect to 2g (GSM) or 3g and not 4g. However, if I take my device elsewhere to say a town with good coverage, the 4g works just fine. Back at home, the 'business' sim (although it looks identical) just doesn't connect to 4g network. Switch over to the 'consumer' 4g sim bought online and it connects to 4g immediately.

Seems like the mast I can see at home is somehow differentiating between the two sims and wondering whether this is an orange/tmobile integration issue? The only mast I can see is orange, and wondering whether the sim only works on tmobile masts?

Anyone else seen this problem? EE/Orange haven't got a clue so far.

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