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Standard User jdowning640
(committed) Sun 29-Sep-13 19:12:29
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O2 Mobile Broadband + Draytek 2830 Backup

[link to this post]
Hi guys, hope you're well

I was wondering if anyone could help - I have an O2 pay monthly mobile broadband USB dongle.

I was wondering if anyone could provide any assistance in setting it up with this particular router? Everything I do it results in it not connecting. The dongle is in the router & the only thing it is showing a status for is Signal, of which it's 48% (Good)

Here's an img with the details I need:-

I have already filled out the APN, and o2web and password is the user/pass.
Thanks in advance


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Standard User pcoventry76
(knowledge is power) Sun 29-Sep-13 20:41:48
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Re: O2 Mobile Broadband + Draytek 2830 Backup

[re: jdowning640] [link to this post]
This should do it:

APN Username bypass Password password

has it helped?

If not try

Username: web
Password: web

Or you could install the connection manager and look in the settings see if it gives any away.

beyond that no idea sorry


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