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Standard User nexxus
(newbie) Thu 09-Jan-14 12:31:19
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Mobi-Data, Anyone using them for mobile BB?

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Just come across Mobi-Data, who seem to be re-selling Three mobile Broadband at a slightly better price than Three (well the network comes up as Three so that is an assumption, entirely, on my part).

Only just go one of there sim's to put in an tablet so I don't have to keep tethering to my phone or MiFi (annoying and eats the battery on all the devices...and needed a nano sim, hence trying them).

Wondering if anyone else has any experience using them and any comments? They don't seem to be very customer friendly, website sells it, but can't see how to check my usage or any sort of "account admin" for my sim on there and haven't responded yet, just over 24h, to a email inquiry. But the data seems to be working just fine so far (same as my Three mobile BB) and a reasonable cost (though It looks like they charge for over allowance rather than it "running out" which could get costly!) at 4.95 for 1GB.


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