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Standard User pcoventry76
(knowledge is power) Wed 16-Apr-14 22:42:06
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Virgin Mobile

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Have seen a few posts about Virgin Mobile but I was wondering how people are getting on with it?

I am going to order one in a few days as my time with 3 is up and as nice as the unlimited tethering is I don't use it.. I was considering VM as they use EE< it's all on the same bill and they do unlimited everything (I know the data is capped at 3.5GB but I don't use that much anyway)

Can people still tether on VM? Or is that not allowed?
Standard User pcoventry76
(knowledge is power) Fri 18-Apr-14 16:09:26
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Re: Virgin Mobile

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I went out yesterday and got one - just incase anyone is interested it's working well.

In this area it's beating 3 for their H+ on speed any time of the day. There is a cap of 3.5GB before you are slowed down despite the sales people telling me it was not possible to throttle 3G.

Made a heap of 08457 and 0870/0800 calls today none of which are showing on the website smile

Not bad for £18 and i've driven about 100 miles today and signal has been good everywhere on EE

Until such time as 3 do sim only unlimited minutes and texts plan I will stay here. Or maybe I will just stay.The fact I was with 3 for 11 years and 1 month shows they are good. Why did I change? Want it all in the same place and also it's the only way to get this tariff without a phone for now. (EE is double the price and the speeds are better here than I can get on EE 4G anyway)

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