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Standard User GeoffB
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 30-Nov-14 16:04:05
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Huawei Modem E5220 problem

[link to this post]
We have bought the above so that we can get a connection when visiting an elderly relative who doesn't have broadband. I have changed the default passwords and everything has worked well for months. It connects to the 3 network. Recently we have had a good connection to the modem but the dreaded yellow exclamation mark appears in the wireless icon to say that there is no internet connection. The laptop has a correct IP address via DHCP. Can you remind me of the troubleshooting steps to take please. There is no channel conflict as there are no networks nearby with anything like a strong signal and we have put the modem right next to the laptop. The one thing that does work (sometimes) is the Windows troubleshooter which disables everything and then re-connects. I'd like to find out what the problem is rather than the 'switch off and on again' route.

Dell Studio1558 with Win7 Home Premium
HP Pavilion netbook Win8 8GB RAM
IE11 and Live Mail
BT Infinity 2 via HH5
(Virgin 150Mbs as backup)
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