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Standard User bookey
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 13-Mar-15 18:23:24
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EE 4G Single speed - 4G Double speed - 4G+

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Seen quite a few posts on here regarding this and what means what...

4G Single Speed
4G enabled cell that has 10mhz of 1800mhz spectrum, this is shown as dark and light blue on the coverage map. A cell can serve 20mhz of 1800mhz but the cell edges will only have 10mhz of spectrum hence you can see a cell as a yellow splat and blue edges.

This is enabled as a sim level on the HSS and means you can only access 10mhz of 1800mhz spectrum even in a double speed area you will only have a max of 10mhz

4G Double Speed.
All yellow areas on the 4G map serve a 20mhz slot of 1800mhz.
If this is enabled on the sim on the HSS then you can access the full 20mhz of the 1800mhz spectrum where the cells have been enabled for the 20mhz wide, elsewhere you will get the full 10mhz of 1800mhz.
As the rollout progress more and more areas are being lit up as 20mhz from day one of we have the spectrum ready in that area.

Single speed and Double speed are NOT LTE-A

This is EE's current deployment of 2600mhz for 4G services, this is LTE-A and allows the device when in coverage of 1800mhz (10 or 20mhz) to combine with 2600mhz to provide higher throughput.
4G+ is not currently shown of EE coverage map (getting resolved soon) currently take this as most of within the M25 and other top tier cities appearing later in 2015.

800mhz deployment - wait and see.

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 13-Mar-15 18:29:10
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Re: EE 4G Single speed - 4G Double speed - 4G+

[re: bookey] [link to this post]
Costa Coffee in Canary Wharf next to the EE store seems to be the place to get very nice speeds.

Alas my Dan and Phil SIM has run out and don't want to run up a large bill doing lots of testing at 60 Mbps and faster.

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