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Standard User Ancient_Mariner
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 05-Apr-16 19:21:45
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o2 Data SIM Fun?

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In my search for a data SIM which will give me ideally 4G speeds at low on going cost, I have explored 3 where I can pay a monthly £2 + usage through my ISP - but 3G only, Vodafone where I could only get 3G even though there is a 4G mast about 150 metres away - I can see it as I key this in and today o2.

Well, a very confident salesgirl in the local o2 shop advised either a PAYG at £10 for 1Gig or a monthly £5 for 500Meg and she checked that 4G would be OK.

£10 later in the shop I inserted the SIM into my Huawei E5775 and within seconds connected to o2 4G with a 5 bar signal. Got home, still a 4G 5 bar signal and I thought I'd try a speedtest. It connected OK but then got speedtest failed. So tried Google and at first attempt to connect to anyone got an o2 screen saying that I needed to topup since I had no data left!

My Huawei device said I'd used just over 5 MB so with 1Gig on the SIM as the sealed wrapped said, Preloaded data SIM for tablets and mobile wifi with a 1GB preloaded symbol as well.

I phoned o2's Customer Services and they too seemed puzzled since they could see that I had not used up the 1GB - I had only had the SIM just over an hour.

Anyway, he did what he had top do and 1 GB was loaded on. gives me 40.54 Down and 21.23 Up which is faster than my FTTC

Not sure where the nearest o2 mast is. Although o2 and Vodafone have been making a bit of a deal regarding them sharing masts, with my County Councillor hat on, the planning application for my local Vodafone mast actually stated that this mast would not be involved with that scheme. So will have to look at the other masts in the area now.



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