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Standard User garmcqui
(newbie) Sun 18-Sep-16 09:27:49
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Huawei B593 router - slow EE 4G?

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Hi, I want my whole network (wired and wireless) to be able to use my EE mobile broadband, and the included Osprey Mifi device is wireless only. So I bought an unlocked Huawei B593 LTE Router. Actual model number is B593s-82, not EE branded.

Problem is, despite it reporting great signal (5 bars), the download speed is very slow, only 12-15mb/sec. Weirdly, upload is fine.

When I use the EE Osprey, I get 30-40mb/sec download, even over wifi.

Something must be wrong. The router is showing the LTE status as:

Frequency (kHz): 18517
Bandwidth (kHz): 20000
Signal Strength: 5
RSSI (dBm): -51
RSRP (dBm): -80
RSRQ (dB): -13

Does anyone have any advice? I know the Huawei is only a Cat3 device, but Cat3 is supposed to be good for up to 100mb/sec. Also, it is connected to 20MHz bandwidth, indicative of EE's double speed (and the upload speed confirms).

Any advice?

Thanks, Gareth
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