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Standard User Woolwich
(member) Wed 21-Feb-18 14:16:55
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EE phone SIM in 3 Mobile Wi-Fi dongle

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I have an old Three 4G mobile dongle. Its a Huawei, came with data which has long since been used or expired.

As proof of concept, can I take my EE SIM from my iPhone and put it into the Huawei? Three used to boast about their phones being unlocked but I don't know about dongles.

Would I need to change setting in the Huawei? Will EE take the hump and cut me off?

Standard User sparky_paul
(experienced) Wed 21-Feb-18 21:47:15
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Re: EE phone SIM in 3 Mobile Wi-Fi dongle

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The network branded dongles are usually locked to the network, but can often be unlocked at minimal cost, or sometimes free when you can find the tool to do it. Check on eBay for unlock codes, if they are very cheap, there is probably a free tool somewhere to do it.

You will also need the APN settings for the network you want to use as the network branded ones only have the details for the original network stored. Google is your friend here.

Some networks don't like you putting phone sims into dongles and mifi units, 3 in particular can be a bit funny, but EE don't seem to mind.

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