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Standard User Vorlon
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 14-Mar-18 10:25:23
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Weird Issue - Ideas Appreciated

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I have what I think is an odd issue with my mobile phone which I have contacted Tesco Mobile about and followed everything they have asked me to do - with no avail.

Issue started around December last year when a friend could no longer contact me via text or voice on her mobile phone. I could contact her without issue.
So to check it wasn't her phone she tried using her husbands phone to contact me and still her/their texts would "hang" and neither can they make voice calls to me..
Sorry I don't have the exact messages, except a text would hang and require a sort of time out before she could send a text to another recipient - although I guess that could be something to do with the way the phone responds to such an issue.
Also her husband hadn't got my number on his phone, so when it was used to see if it could contact my phone (which it couldn't) my number was new to it and unlikely I assume to be blocked in any way

Both her phone and her husbands phone are on the TescoMobile network too (O2 I believe is the carrier)

I was told by TescoMobie Customer services a number of times that either my friends were blocking my number so they couldn't contact me or I was blocking their incoming messages and calls. This was not the case and in the instance of her husbands phone, I was not on his contacts list and the fault still occured when entering my number as a one off to check this issue.

I also asked if she could try to contact me from another area so as to use a different mast, yet the fault still occured.

As far as I'm aware i don't have this issue with anyone else and some of my family use TescoMobile too and I have NO issues with them getting through to me via text or speech.

I followed these instructions from Tescomobile, who wouldnt look into it any further even though I had:-
1) Tried a new Sim from TescoMobile in my current Phone Xperia M2.
2) Tried the same new Sim in an old samsung s8000
3) In both cases my friend could not contact me via text or voice on either phone, but I could contact her.
We used our land lines to communicate whilst we tried to see if the new sim/ different phone would cure the issue - it didn't!

So not only did I try an alternative mobile phone which was "clean", I also cleared down/factory reset my current phone to make sure things like my AntiVirus wasn't blocking any numbers - yet the issue persists.

I have done everything TescoMobile has asked me to try, ie new Sim, tried different Phone yet issue persists. They've now said it's down to the person who can't get through to me, ie my friend to contact them. I just find it odd that her husband cant get through to me either.

TescoMobile are adament that it's not a network issue. Luckily we have the landline so we can still communicate. It's down now to when she's in a position to contact TescoMobile. I think I've given all the relevant info and not missed anything. Clearly it's more of a nuisance than a big problem, but I'm curious as to what it it is likely to be.

I know there are a knowledgeable bunch of people on these forums and normally I converse about Broadband, but I'd be grateful to know if anyone has come across something like this or could possible point out an area that I have missed or would be worth looking into.

Thanks guys.

Edited by Vorlon (Wed 14-Mar-18 10:30:45)

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