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Standard User Fourfourdevon
(newbie) Mon 03-Jan-11 22:20:49
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Pro solution, SOHO pricing...

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Need some help Ladies and Gentlemen

I need a wireless, ADSL2+, Firewall router, but with a couple of features one of which is quite rare.

Firstly it must also be a VPN server and endpoint

Secondly it must be capable of running more than one wireless network and must be capable of isolating via its firewall the two wireless networks and the LAN.  i.e. I need to be able to define what traffic can flow between them.

Nice to have features are DMZ and VLAN.

Other requirements are it must be small and suitable to run in a home, and cannot cost over £300, preferably less, I need a relatively easy to support solution as I will be supporting it remotely.

I've come up with two solutions so far Funkwek's Bintec RS203aw and Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH running DD-WRT firmware the Buffalo would need to be combined with something like the DrayTek Vigor 120 ADSL Eithernet Modem.

Cost of the Bintec £250 + VAT + P&P (basically near enough £300)
Cost of the Buffallo and Draytek £100 + P&P (call it £115)

I have a number of concerns, on the Bintec side, mainly that its a fairly complex product that as advertised does exactly whats needed, but as I will only have remote access to the device, that complexity could be a problem (i.e. if its not working, I will need to talk a none tech person through the setup, which I may not fully understand myself as I will have little exposure to it).

On the Buffalo side, I'm not clear its up to the job, I've downloaded and read the manual, but its not the most comprehensive documentation ever, it probably is, but how can I be sure, especially when the DD-WRT wiki says that VPN doesn't really work that well if at all, on the other hand would Buffalo really be selling a router as VPN capable if it wasn't?  Also, how sophisticated is the multi-wireless mode?  Is it just isolation, or can I get to define rules between them?

Any thoughts or alternative solutions?

What would be perefect would be a solution that costs less than £300 with the sophistication of the RS203aw, and allows me to have a duplicate device at my location so that I can support it properly.
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