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Standard User GeoffB
(experienced) Sat 05-Feb-11 11:05:24
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Possible solution to well-known problem

[link to this post]
I posted here some weeks ago about my new laptop losing its internet connection when resuming from Standby. I tried numerous methods to solve this and hit upon the following.
When computer wakes, log onto an account that has Admin rights. Keep your original account active by simply switching user.
The network will be found in the Admin account.
Log off the Admin account and switch to the original account - the network will be (hopefully) back to normal.
I originally tried disabling the power option for the wireless adapter as many experts suggest and that didn't work. It did work on my older machines though - strange!

Advent laptop/Dell Inspiron 6000/Dell mini all using XP and 2Gb RAM
Dell Studio 15 with Win7 and 4Gb RAM
Belkin N router (cable) (VM 20Mb
Voyager 2100 via BT line (8Mb/s) as backup
BT Option 3 / Virgin cable 20Mbs
IE8 and OE6 (Live Mail with Win7)
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