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Standard User badmadlad
(newbie) Mon 18-Jul-11 19:47:26
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Advice rquired on how to connect wireless AP to a Bridge ?

[link to this post]

I have virgin media cable broadband connected via standard router to a netgear wireless AP. Just had some house renovations and previously had a MAC connected hardwire to the AP via approx 30 meters of ethernet into a room in the garage as wireless did not reach.

I have about 7 metres of ethernet cable that currently goes though a brick wall and i wanted to find out if i can buy a simple bridge to fix to the inside fo the house which will easily connect to the wirelss ap

Would this be the right product to buy? NETGEAR WNCE2001 Ethernet to Wireless Adapter - Bridge

So mac connected via ethernet to the bridge then bridge wirelesly connected to AP

will it work?

Standard User yarwell
(sensei) Wed 20-Jul-11 11:18:02
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Re: Advice rquired on how to connect wireless AP to a Bridg

[re: badmadlad] [link to this post]
that's the right gadget.


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MaxDSL diagnostics
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