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Standard User markwm
(member) Sun 06-Nov-11 22:29:03
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Sharing not working with OS X Lion

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Since I have upgraded my macs to lion I cannot get sharing to work, no file sharing, no screen sharing, nothing. It worked fine with snow leopard.

If i reboot my router, sharing suddenly works and all shares will show up in finder but it stops working as soon as computers go to sleep and wake again. I've tried everything and am completely baffled.

My router is from O2/Thomson you think the router is to blame? some how it doesn't like lion?
Standard User john2007
(legend) Mon 07-Nov-11 06:17:56
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Re: Sharing not working with OS X Lion

[re: markwm] [link to this post]
I'd have thought the upgrade is to blame. What has the router done to you! Have you asked in the thinkbroadband Apple forum?
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