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(Unregistered)Sat 14-Jan-12 18:27:23
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I am wanting to setup ipv6 on my network.

I have been assigned a /64 ipv6 address (2001:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::/64) from my ISP and was wondering what would be the best approach to setting up all PC's to run IPV6. I am running the free ASG firewall on an old beige box.

Would I be able to have a public IP for every device on my network now with the address space assigned to me?

I have enabled IPV6 on the ASG, but everytime I go to I get no IPV6 enabled or setup. Even though I can see in the ASG admin interface that I have been assigned an IPV6 address.

Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated

Standard User Moto
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 15-Jan-12 20:36:45
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Re: IPV6

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Have you allowed V6 traffic in your firewall rules. Before you started using V6, any, internal network and internet were V4 objects. Have you edited your rules accordingly. You should now see any, any IPV4 and any IPV6 etc when building a firewall rule.

When you edit your prefix advertisement you must have other config ticked otherwise vista and win7 don't work!

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Edited by Moto (Sun 15-Jan-12 20:47:57)

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