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Standard User acpsd775
(experienced) Sun 26-Feb-12 23:04:01
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Cheap dual band

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Hi can any one recommend a cheap as chips dual band cable router with gbit lan if possible although not 100% necessary

Im moving to FTTC so need a new cable router that supports the 5ghz band (2.4ghz wifi doesn't play well in this house) Im not bothered about it been the best in the world im not fussed over brands either providing it routes forwards ports and actually works im fairly happy lol, Ive only got 2 devices that use wifi one of my pcs that don't get used often and then my cuzes laptop when he comes to stop on a weekend. so only gets used about 10 times a month max for few hours.

Ive seen this but if there's any cheaper out there id be happy to know, Im a cheap skate with routers i usually just use the ISP one but with the throughput and signal on 2.4ghz wifi been so rubbish in this house i realy do need the 5ghz (When i was with VM 5ghz worked perfect so i know that solves the problems i have with flaky wifi)

If there is none ill get the belkin.

Thanks for any recommendations


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