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(Unregistered)Tue 13-Mar-12 21:42:28
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Network Issues

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I have a netgear DG834PN as my master router, using the modem, its also running dhcp. It has the custom firmware (DGTeam) because without it the broadband connection has disconnect and reconnect issues.

The routing on the DG834PN is set to RIP 1, both directions, DHCP leases are long (345600 seconds).

I also have a D-Link DIR-615 but its configured to be just an access point (using the built in feature - that basically strips out all functionality except the wireless stuff).

The DG834PN is connected to the main network using power line plugs, everything else runs on an STP Cat6 cabled network.

The problem is that sometimes devices lose the connection. By that i mean the internet connection - i can be in the middle of browsing and it stops working. Sometimes running an ipconfig release/renew can fix it, but on this occasion it has not.

The way i have just fixed it was by switching off the DIR-615 (and then ipconfig release/renew).

From looking at these issues for the last year at least, i am convinced it is the combination of settings on the two routers, but i do not know enough about how routers communicate with each other to solve this problem.

I am certain the fault is not related to the cabling. I am 99% certain the power line plugs, i have tried two different brands and only seen very slight differences in bandwidth, but they just work, no issues, never have to reset them.

Can anyone offer any advice?

I would consider new hardware, but not swapping my modem router as i expect to move from ADSL2 to VDSL in the next couple of months.
Standard User john2007
(legend) Tue 13-Mar-12 22:48:15
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Re: Network Issues

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Some devices lose connection? Different devices? Connected wired or wirelessly to which router?

Can you still use protocols like ping to see if the various devices can still talk to each other?
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