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Standard User kevinwincott
(newbie) Fri 13-Apr-12 08:42:15
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Technicolor TG582n and content sharing

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im on the post office with one of there routers, all is running fine on the connection side of things, the problem I have is the the content sharing. if i am on the wifi network it works brilliant, if i use the ethernet it works great.,..

if i vpn into my server and try and stream the content its a no go, have confirmed vpn running OK. when at home i stream the content on my iphone, but when I vpn in on my iphone i cant stream either. have turned the IPS and firewall off to confirm its not that.
Standard User camieabz
(sensei) Fri 13-Apr-12 11:02:36
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Re: Technicolor TG582n and content sharing

[re: kevinwincott] [link to this post]
Have you read:

Page 34 (section 4.3) perhaps?

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