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(Unregistered)Fri 18-May-12 03:09:24
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Problems with wifi signal in old listed building

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I have tried 2 N routers, D link and a homehub3 and when in use despite router only being about 20 feet or less from router but it is in bedroom, then a small entraceway/.hall then living room.

My other connection is a Sky Sagem N router about 12 feet from same pc yet gets 14 meg.

Its not that the other connection is bad since wired is 16 meg and wireless is about 10 meg on laptop.

I assume its just the old building is affecting signal since my other pc gets bad signal too.

I am thinking of buying a new N card as may help just wanted to know if theres anything else I can do as noticed slightest nudge of aerial changed signal, most gets 0.3 meg but at a certain angle gets 2-4 meg so also would one of those aerials that are on a wire and can be placed elsewhere help?
Standard User shtu
(experienced) Fri 18-May-12 10:30:52
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Re: Problems with wifi signal in old listed building

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I have a similar problem at home, where the house is divided in two by a 2-3ft thick stone wall, and the phone line arrives at one end of the house.

What I did was this,

Bought a pair of homeplugs.
Connected one to the existing router.
Configured a second router as an access point. (same name as the first)
Place this in the "other half" of the house, and connected it to the other homeplug.

That gives perfect wireless coverage across the house, and the computers roam between the two access points seamlessly.

You might want to think about doing that rahter than messing with different aerials, and the cost can be low. I used a pair of plaugs that cost me less than £50 five years ago, and an old Homehub I had lying about.
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