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(Unregistered)Sat 11-Aug-12 16:37:15
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O2 Wireless Box IV and bt homebub 3 type b

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Hey all,

I have a bt homehub 3 type B, that I always found with wifi signal excellent. but I have moved into a shared house and the landlord is on o2 BB. that I found the wifi signal poor and achieve slow wifi speed but when connected to the HH i get good speed.

my question is:

how do i connect the HH to the O2 Wireless Box IV as a repeater so I could use the intent from the HH rather then then o2 box. I ask this as from my research I have found that the type B HH is currently unlock-able??? or I would have just used the HH instead of the o2 box


Standard User Daniel_g
(committed) Sat 11-Aug-12 17:09:37
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Re: O2 Wireless Box IV and bt homebub 3 type b

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I link the netgear router to the incoming BT HH3.

Sure i will be proved wrong but what I do using the HH3 as the master but for you the slave (second device) so the other way round.

Look at the ip address of the o2 router, something like 192.168.***.***
as a guess. See where the top and bottom DHCP ip address are, will be a top and bottom range on the last set of 3 digits. 192.168.***.***, last 3 numbers.
Write that down.

Now go into advanced settings on the BT HH3 and Home network, IP addresses.
Turn off the DHCP server by the tick circle to NO.
Then change the HH3 address to 1 above or below what you wrote down for the o2 box settings so this now is something different to the set one. like this on mine but you will need to change to suit what the o2 box is set to. So wont be like this but this menu you need to find.

IP Address:

Subnet mask:

DHCP Server
Enable: YesNo

DHCP Network Range
If you change the IP address range, you must renew the DHCP lease and or static IP addresses for all devices on the network - (Default) -
Configure manually
Lease time: Days Hours
Valid leases are between 1 hour and 21 days

this above is what HH£ does by default (I guess as never changed), you will need to det to suit the DHCP range of the o2 box and go one below or above but not the o2 box static ip adress.

work for me but doing the other way round.

Than link the 2 with a network lead, we can get for a pound in our poundland downtown.
Use on of the 1 to 4 ethernet holes in each box on the back. I find hole 2 on the HH is the best and most responsive of the 1Gig connection. my system nothing like that but made a difference to internet speedchecks if using that hole on the hh, labled 1 gig or something like that.

Then turn off the wireless on the o2 box or if landlord lives there leave on and just have 2 wirless signals going.
HH set to auto on wireless picks a good channel, this all works for me.
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