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Standard User Stanman_24
(knowledge is power) Thu 11-Oct-12 17:46:13
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New AR7400 [homeplug 500av] firmware

[link to this post]
Finally worked out to flash the Solwise ar7400 500av homeplugs to Devolo 500av mini / plus

Firstly download atheros power packet utility

then download firmware files

This firmware is dated 12-04-12 5233-03-983

click on update firmware a direct to folder containing files - i used
ar7400-pib53-devolo-mt2280 which is av500mini

I am still in testing stage but i am trying to find a firmware that is stable, give decent throughput & removes the common bug of the home plugs disappearing for 5-10 seconds unless you either wait or unplug and plug back in - I did not have this problem with either solwise 85 or devolo 200av


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Standard User Stanman_24
(knowledge is power) Sun 21-Oct-12 18:10:20
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Re: New AR7400 [homeplug 500av] firmware

[re: Stanman_24] [link to this post]
problems still exist where i have to power down and up to get connectivity going again

have swapped the homeplugs around to weed out faulty unit but unable to find it

so looks like the units are flakey

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