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Standard User Andrew7342
(newbie) Sun 04-Nov-12 14:31:56
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Establishing a bridge between Netgear DG834GT and DGN2200

[link to this post]

I am trying to establish a bridge between the two routers named above so that I can access the Internet from my Sony TV. The TV can connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable or via a USB wifi adapter (but this has to be a sony dongle and costs £70!).

So the setup I am trying to establish is a cat 5 cable from the tv to the DG834GT which will then forward data wirelessly on to the DGN2200 which is connected to the internet.

I have DGTeam's firmware on the DG834GT as the WDS setting was not there on Netgear's firmware. The firware version is V1.03.22 - DGTeam Rev. 1018.

On the DG834GT under "Advanced Wireless Setting", I have turned on "Enable Wireless Bridging and Repeating" and then selected "Wireless Point to Point bridge" and entered the MAC address of the DGN2200.

On the DGN2200, I have enabled "Wireless repeating function" and then "Wireless Base Station" and entered the MAC address of the DG834GT.
The firmware version is V1.0.0.36_7.0.36

At this point the TV cannot still connect to the internet.
Please could someone tell me what I am doing wrong.

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 04-Nov-12 15:47:51
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Re: Establishing a bridge between Netgear DG834GT and DGN220

[re: Andrew7342] [link to this post]
Never tried this combination of things, can you connect a simple computer to the ethernet ports on the router which is plugged into the TV.

The other option is a wireless ethernet adaptor which can be purchased for £25 to 60

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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