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Standard User mikehiow
(committed) Mon 18-Mar-13 14:00:30
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Ethernet router with 3G and VPN.

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Hi guys,

I'm shortly moving to an area with FTTC and figure it's about time I looked at getting a decent router. I've used pfSense and DD-WRT in the past, but I'm looking to move away from having something power hungry to run pfSense. DD-WRT seemed ok, but I ran it on a cheap router.

I did briefly consider using my rPI or my Ubuntu microserver, but I think I'd prefer something a little more focussed for the task.

As my install date isn't for a couple of weeks after I move in, I'd ideally like something with 3G that can get me connected from day one. IPv6 is essential too, both native and tunnelling.

I'm open to suggestions that require third-party firmware.

ZeN > plusnet > entanet > <> > Sky LLU & IoW Cable.

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