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Standard User Ragingpoo
(committed) Sat 23-Mar-13 00:34:58
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Connection Set up

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Since my smartphones and tablets are not compatible with my router for "N" speed (galaxy s3, nexus 10, note 10.1 all would not connect to router if router is N mode only whereas all laptops/desktops conencts fine, in bgn mixed mode, connection speed max at 54mbps), I have to rearrange my network set up a bit.

Current set up is

ADSL modem/router which splits to wifi and cable. Cable goes via wall plugs to a gigabyte hub/switch which connects to the NAS and anything that streams off it (couple network players and main desktop).

Could I add just a router (like those advertised as for virgin broadband, not modem/router for bt connections, as it's cheaper) to either connected to the modem, or in between the wall plugs and hub, or and the end of line out from the hub, which will be beaming out wifi signals for phones/tablets, so that I can get a better connection (more than 54mbps) between phone/tabs and the rest of the network, making file transfer and streaming media smoother?
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