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Standard User trolleybus
(member) Wed 27-Mar-13 14:24:46
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samba on vigor 3820

[link to this post]
Have not previously had a problem using a USB device on a 3820, but this time around just cant get it to work. So time to ask the Gurus pn TB for a solution please.

Router Name : Diamond
Model Name : Vigor2820Vn
Firmware Version :
Build Date/Time : Sep 13 2012 19:09:39
ADSL Firmware Version : 232201_A Hardware: Annex A

Operating System
Windows 7 Pro
Processor: AMD A6-3670 APU
System type: 64 bit

Samba Service Settings(Network Neighborhood): Enabled
Access Mode: LAN Only
Workgroup Name: [same as PC]
Host Name: USB1
Username: owner
Password: elstead2013
Home Folder: /
File: RWD [Each option ticked]
Directory: LCR [Each option ticked]
File explorer: [all files and folders seen]
Connection Status: Disk Connected
Disk Capacity: 7498 MB
Free Capacity: 7219 MB
USB Disk Users Connected: SMB [Service] [IP and Port]

Security Policy for Samba [secpol.msc]: Send LM and NTLM use NTLMV2 session security if negotiated

Using the computer with the IP address of, select Network: USB1 and [name of computer] seen.
Select USB1
Network folders seen: owner and Public
Select owner and Network Password dialog box appears
Select use another account and for username: Owner - Password: elstead2013
Response: \\USB1\owner is not accessible
Goback and select public - immediate access to folder achievable and able to create a folder.

So why isw it I can't access owner, even after suppling logon credentials. Any ideas folks? Any help would be very much appreciated.
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