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Standard User fatbeech
(newbie) Tue 07-May-13 21:42:40
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Wifi in garage

[link to this post]
I'm hoping you can help recommend a good wireless access point for me. I've done some reading but confused myself.

I have a garage which is outside of my wifi range. I've run a cat5 cable over to the garage but I need some sort of access point to do the following (my garage has a tv, pool table and I often have friends over for beers and the footy).

1) Wireless access (can this be with the same ssid as my house wireless so my laptop/phone works automatically?)
2) Guest/second ssid so visitors can access the internet but not my home machines/NAS etc.
3) Access to my home network so I can stream films to my tv.

Any help much appreciated. Budget is around £40 if possible (spent too much on the tv...oops).

Standard User prlzx
(experienced) Wed 08-May-13 00:38:49
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Re: Wifi in garage

[re: fatbeech] [link to this post]
This would work - Unifi AP (standard) e.g. from


I know it says enterprise Wi-Fi but you can still start with just one, just if you ever add more you can manage the SSIDs and guests (with isolation) for all APs from one place. The controller software (service) is included (free) and if you leave it running it will give you stats and info on connected stations. But it doesn't mind if you close the software once it has finished configuring.

It is passive PoE meaning you can keep the power brick inside the house at the other end of the cable.
It looks like a smoke alarm and is very lightweight meaning you can often just use velcro / sticky-pad onto the ceiling / wall or just pop it up on a shelf, but it also includes screws and backplate e.g. for ceiling tile.

There is a dual-band option (Pro) for an extra £100 which is a little pricey unless you are doing a larger scale install,
so if 5GHz (a/n) support is important you could use another AP or router (as usual to make a router into an access point you turn off DHCP and only using the LAN ports):

you would need to check but the ASUS router at least should be able to do guest networks

To have roaming from the AP inside your house you just match the SSID and security details (passphrase and mode) on all APs and the device (laptop / phone) picks whichever it feels is better.

If you have the choice prefer WPA2 only, AES (sometimes specifies CCMP) mode (with pre-shared key) - devices can generally perform this encryption in the chipset and still attain the max data rate). Whereas WEP (and TKIP) will be slower.

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Standard User yarwell
(sensei) Wed 08-May-13 09:04:22
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Re: Wifi in garage

[re: fatbeech] [link to this post] or do the basics but I don't know without digging if the do dual SSID and VLAN for your point 2) does do multiple SSID etc but is a few quid over the budget.




MaxDSL - goes as fast as it can and doesn't read the line checker first.

MaxDSL diagnostics

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