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Standard User chris52
(newbie) Thu 24-Oct-13 14:54:04
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Routing Cat5e Questions

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Four very basic installation questions if I may.

1. I understand that Cat5e has a minimum bend radius of 4x diameter which gives me around 30mm. Do you get maximum speed at this radius or do I need to go larger? If so, and given that no bends is the unrealistic best answer, what is the minimum radius that I should aim for to get for maximum speed.

2.Are cable clips a good idea or would I be better to use plastic tube conduits where possible?

3. Given the minimum bend radius how do installers run cable around a door frame - and in particular the top 90 degree corners - without the cable covering the wall in a very swmbo unfriendly way?

4. Is solid core technically better than stranded core?

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Standard User MHC
(sensei) Thu 24-Oct-13 15:22:28
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Re: Routing Cat5e Questions

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1. The bend radius will not affect speed normally. But do it too tight and Gbit might become 100Mbit or zero when you break a conductor..

2. Cable clips are fine - make sure you get the right size though.

3. Cut the architrave at the top corner so it goes behind.

4. For infrastructure with IDCs solid is the only sensible way. Once in place it does not need the flexibility of patch leads which use stranded and terminating stranded on a patch panel or IDC socket it hit and miss.



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