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Standard User Footys
(experienced) Mon 02-Dec-13 10:22:47
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Setup Help Required

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Could someone advise me the best way to solve this problem? Friend of mine has an adsl modem router in his shop. He has a wireless router attached to this on the other side of the shop via an eithernet cable which gives him wireless access around the shop and also just about reaches over to his house as well.

However the wireless around the house is flaky at best so he has asked me to replace the wireless router with something else and to also put something in the house that will pick up the wireless signal and boost it a bit. He wants to keep the modem/router thats in the shop ( the non wireless one) as it was setup by someone else and he doesnt know any of his passwords!

Any help much appreciated!
Standard User yarwell
(sensei) Mon 02-Dec-13 12:25:38
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Re: Setup Help Required

[re: Footys] [link to this post]
Wireless repeaters exist (see etc) which receive a single and rebroadcast it. One of them sat half way between source and target may help with the range problem.

You can also "send" the LAN signal over the mains if the two ends are on the same electricity meter using homeplug networking.

What is the "wireless router attached to this on the other side of the shop" ?



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