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Standard User isofa4
(newbie) Sun 29-Dec-13 14:51:53
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ADSL WiFi router (Zen/broadcom chipset) recommendations

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We are looking to replace our ageing Thomson Speedtouch 546 (on Zen ADSL2+) with a good WiFi ADSL router (we don't have wifi at the moment). It's suggested we have a broadcom chipset to match Zen's equipment for better reliability - Zen has been fantastically reliable on this connection, so don't want to switch to a flaky device. Colleagues have had dropouts on Netgear routers with Zen.

It'll be essential to create a separate wi-fi network with no or limited access to our shared folders on our wired network for iPad (or Android tablet, not yet purchased) and a wi-fi laptop etc, ideally also ability to set times for wifi access for kids. Security is a must, we both work from home, hence the idea to separate our wired network with good security measures but still retain full internet access (wired is on a gigabit switch, with Cat-5e to the router at the moment).

The other point, which may or may not be important is, we may, in the next 12-18 months be moving (hopefully to somewhere fibre enabled), so if at least the router could then be used as a WAP with a fibre router connected via Ethernet, that may be useful. (If that's not possible, it'll just be a sell and replace at the time.)

There seems to be so many new routers reviewed by the press, but no one ever mentions chipsets and connection reliability. The ones highly rated on BroadbandBuyer, are often never reviewed by the magazines.

Any advice? Thank-you in advance.
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