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Standard User j112
(committed) Fri 08-Aug-14 22:11:25
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Homeplug Tip To Possibly Increase Speed *Zyxel PLA5205*

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Hi Guys,

I own 4x Zyxel PLA5205, ever since owning them the maximum speed I could obtain has always been 70-80Mb on using a local Virgin Media server . I found out today that in the software utility that comes with the homeplugs there is an option to set the priority its under "Advance" after playing around with this and setting the local plug (connected to the pc) and the remote plug (connected to the router) to "High" (From the default normal) I am now seeing speeds in excess of 100Mb on speedtests!

Speed Test

Just thought I'd share this I hope it helps someone out!



Exchange: Montfort

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