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Standard User Woolwich
(member) Mon 10-Nov-14 13:46:42
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No web browsing or email when using VPN

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Just got a Fritz!Box 7490 to which I can VPN into and see the files I need on the remote network. But - unlike the set-up it replaced - I can't browse the 'net or get email when the VPN is running.

My settings in my Mac OS X 10.10 VPN connection are pretty much the same as before - the "Send all traffic over VPN connection" option is NOT ticked, as it was for my other set-up. The only difference is I was using L2TP, now its a Cisco connection.

OTOH I just added the LAN IP address of the Fritz!Box to the DNS Servers (in my Mac's Network settings) and the Search Domains to "lan" and that seems to have fixed it. But is this correct?

Also I see that all my traffic is routing through the VPN, dispite my settings being otherwise. I've sent an email and see it came "from" the remote network. When disconnected it comes from my own IP address where I currently am. I'd prefer just to use the VPN for file sharing and send email from my own connection.
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