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Standard User md0u80a2
(newbie) Mon 22-Dec-14 21:16:34
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Iphone apps can't View wired lg tv on home network

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Hello all

Firstly, I apologise for sounding so clueless!

I have home Virgin broadband - I have an 8 port Hub connected to this with wired connections around the house.

I am having two problems and wondered if they are related to the same issue and easily fixed by those 'in the know'

The first is with lg remote ap on iphone

I can't see the tv in device list - the iphone is wifi connected to the Virgin router and the tv wired to the same router - any ideas?

Secondly, I have a Swann dvr and this is wired connected to the network hub and I can't view cameras on my iPhone - I have followed all settings, but wonder if this is all related to ip addresses etc.

Sorry for being so vague

Any help?
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