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Standard User Carantouhil
(newbie) Tue 16-Jun-15 12:29:03
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Fuel ZyXEL_9DC8 router settings for quality monitoring

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My quality monitor is solid red. Reading the help looks like I need to change the router settings to accept packets. I have gone into firewall and changed Default action to Permit on Packet Direction (WAN to LAN and vice versa). I have also set the Firewall to Low

Looking at the router settings under Internet Connection the "Obtain an IP address automatically" radio button is filled in - is this ok? The second option is Static IP address, but there is no address assigned.

The router is a ZyXEL_9DC8

Many thanks!

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Standard User Apprentice
(knowledge is power) Tue 16-Jun-15 14:28:14
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Re: Fuel ZyXEL_9DC8 router settings for quality monitoring

[re: Carantouhil] [link to this post]
The second option is Static IP address

This is the best option for the BQM to work, you'll need to ask your ISP if a static IP is available it could be free or more likely you'll need to pay for it.

Dynamic IP addys can change so after the initial setup of the BQM with IP1 if something occurs with the connection and the IP changes to IP2 you will see the redline/block following on from the initial graph when you next check it.

plusnet user
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