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Standard User mo786
(regular) Tue 16-Jun-15 22:49:58
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Wiring house for BT extensions

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I am doing a refurb and have the ability to put in network and satelite TV wall panels in each room all going back to a central place.

I figure it makes sense to do BT sockets as well.

I may wire to 4 bedrooms but chances are only 1 room will actually use it.

I thought about buying some standard back boxes but as far as I can work out the BT boxes are not the same as a single plug?

Failing that I could go with a modular splot of a panel.

Alternativley can I just do the extension through CAT6 cable to a network slot on the wall and then put an external addition extenion on that? That means I could change the socket from network to telephone by changing the wire conenction behind. I will run 2 network slots to each room but only use one in each room.

Essentially what I would need is an RJ45 socket to BT extension.
Standard User MHC
(sensei) Tue 16-Jun-15 23:04:53
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Re: Wiring house for BT extensions

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Wire EVERYTHING using CAT5e or Cat6 - you can get Gbit through Cat5e and it can be a lot easier to manipulate around the house. I have nearly three drums installed here.

At each location use a standard backbox with a MODULAR twin front plate and fit two RJ45s to all of them. You could put an RJ45 plus a BT secondary however for flexibility RJ45s. Then a short RJ45 to BT adapter, I have plenty from travelling and dial up days.

Back at the patch panel, install a double backbox with FOUR RJ45s, wired in parallel and a single incoming phone line to them.



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