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Standard User Nigel_S
(newbie) Fri 19-Jun-15 15:20:48
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Intermittent Loss of Connection

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I have been experiencing an intermittent loss of internet connection and have just about removed the last vestiges of hair from my scalp trying to figure out what is causing it, so was wondering if anyone here has experienced the same and can shed any light on it... Please?

I have BT Infinity (70/20) via a Home Hub 5A, which sits rock-solid no matter how many devices are connected to it, which are (generally): 2 x laptops, 3 x iPhones and 2 x iPads - all wirelessly.

On top of that, my desktop is connected via BT's own (black) "Powerline" adapters and, again, the connection is normally rock solid except...

Every so often the internet connection completely drops off the desktop - nothing else is affected, just the desktop. After a few minutes (anywhere between almost immediately to 10 minutes) it comes back and all is well again.

I have tried disabling every firewall (Windows/AVG etc.) but this doesn't make any difference.

I have tried Netgear Powerline Adaptors and they don't make any difference.

The time of day doesn't seem to have anything to do with it, as it can be at any time and can sometimes happen three, four or more times in a day with non-specific breaks between occurrences.

BT can offer no explanation (to be honest, when have they ever been any help???), other than to post out yet more adapters - which make no difference.

So if anyone else has experienced this and found a resolution, please let me know. It's not the end of the world but is it bl**dy annoying!

Many thanks.
Standard User MHC
(sensei) Fri 19-Jun-15 16:06:15
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Re: Intermittent Loss of Connection

[re: Nigel_S] [link to this post]
Mains borne interference could be a likely cause.

Can you cable your desktop direct to the hub and a laptop though the adapters? Then see if your desktop drops out or not and if te laptop does. That will narrow it down to either the PC or adapters.

Does the problem tie in with when your heating/hot water is timed to be on? On a fridge or freezer? They will all come on at random times, run for 5, 10, 15 minutes and then switch off. A faulty pump/compressor or one with worn brushes can easily push out noise that will affect the signal.

Can you do without hot water? Your fridge and freezer should last for several hours without power. If so, turn them off and see if te problem occurs. If it has not occurred after say 4 hours, turn them all on again and see if the adapter link fails.



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Standard User Nigel_S
(newbie) Fri 19-Jun-15 17:33:34
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Re: Intermittent Loss of Connection

[re: MHC] [link to this post]
Many thanks for your help.

Unfortunately the hub is about as far away from my desktop as possible, hence the adapters. I suppose I could connect them directly with an extra long ethernet cable but it seems a bit excessive. In any event, I live in a flat (sorry, "apartment"!) in a listed building, so no chance of making it permanent - they object to you drilling through walls and the like!

The electrics were completely rewired a couple of years and the gas boiler renewed, along with all the built-in kitchen appliances and white goods (cooker, fridge, washing machine etc.) - but that doesn't mean they are not causing the problem.

Next time it happens, which I am sure it will, I'll check to see what is running.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

BTW: I like your strapline!

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