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Standard User picky_user
(member) Sun 27-Sep-15 09:35:03
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static routes issue on Billion 8800NXL

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I have the following setup

Billion 8800NXL (VDSL modem/router) ---> Cisco RV220(firewall) -->ip cams ( vlan)

I reconfigured the cisco to be a router instead of a gateway because otherwise I have double NAT. That is evil and vpn solutions don't like it AFAIK.

On the billion there are static routes to each of the vlans which are routed via the wan interface (

This works fine for general internet access but I can't access anythng thats behind the ciso via the internet.

I discovered I can't access anything behind the cisco when am connected to the Billion. Here's a screenshot of the static routes and the traceroute I did whilest connected to the billion

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Standard User ian007jen
(committed) Sun 27-Sep-15 11:17:53
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Re: static routes issue on Billion 8800NXL

[re: picky_user] [link to this post]
You have two routers...therefore you have double NAT.

Set up billion as modem only >>>Cisco as router >> the rest of your network(s) including WAP's etc.

You seem to have a good handle on networking etc so should be easy enough.

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