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Standard User GeoffB
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 26-Oct-15 11:54:50
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Network number 9!!

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I have installed a TP Link ac wireless dongle (see other post) on an oldish laptop (strongly recommended, by the way). I'm told that this is wireless network number 9 and I've forgotten how to see and get rid of the other 8. I've had various dongles and bits in the past, but certainly not 8!!! Presumably the inbuilt card is number 1. I'm using Win7 Home Premium on the laptop.

Dell Inspiron 15, Win 8.1, IE11
BT Infinity 2 via HH5
Standard User BatBoy
(sensei) Mon 26-Oct-15 12:04:03
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Re: Network number 9!!

[re: GeoffB] [link to this post]
Right click the start button, choose Network Connections.

Right click the connection
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