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Standard User rhetherington
(committed) Sat 14-Nov-15 11:30:44
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New open hardware router: Turris Omnia

[link to this post]
Indigogo campaign (goal exceeded in under 24 hours).

Same CPU as the Linksys WRT1200AC but the rest of the specs exceed commodity routers in every way. The automated firmware security updates is a nice idea too, and something lacking on all the devices you buy off the shelf these days.

I'm pretty excited about the potential for this open hardware to become a standard ARM platform for open router operating systems and would love to see ports of pfSense, VyOS, ipFire, etc in addition to the OpenWrt-based firmware it'll ship with (and the stock OpenWrt image that'll no doubt also be available).
Standard User David_W
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 14-Nov-15 12:51:06
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Re: New open hardware router: Turris Omnia

[re: rhetherington] [link to this post]
There is ongoing work to port pfSense to ARM. I believe initial development will likely target the Beaglebone Black, but once FreeBSD is bootable on the Turris Omnia board, it should be simple to get any pfSense ARM port working on it.

It's certainly an interesting hardware platform.

I am a huge fan of pfSense, which I am running as a dual WAN dual stack router. The recent 2.2.5-RELEASE is the first release where there is no need to patch a long standing bug to get IPv6 over PPPoE to work, also some IPv6 PPPoE stability fixes I contributed have been included.

I have also contributed RFC 4638 client support, which I hope will make it into pfSense 2.3. I'm running 2.2.5-RELEASE plus the RFC 4638 patch, which is working perfectly with MTU 1500 using an HG612 and Zen FTTC.

There are certainly exciting possibilities with the open source router platforms.

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