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Standard User athegn
(committed) Thu 26-Nov-15 11:29:29
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Dlink to BT powerline connections

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I have a BT Mini Wifi-Hotspot powerline adaptors; one near my HH4 and the other in my Tv room. They work well i.e. no bufferring problems with BBC iPlayer and I can wifi both my Galaxy phone and tablet at the same time.

I used to use Dlink powerline devices DHP-306AV wired only. I still have these and wonder if I could use them to provide wired broadband to another room. If so how do I get them to connect to the BT devices?
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 28-Nov-15 16:36:34
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Re: Dlink to BT powerline connections

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If the plugs are built around the same standard then should work, but their default encryption keys will be wrong. There should be a button to put them into a learn mode so will link to each other, or you'll have to use the supplied software to configure the key for each one.

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