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Standard User Bales1983
(regular) Sun 06-Dec-15 18:06:06
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Plusnet Hub One Link speeds

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Hi Guys,

Just thought id pose a question for the technical types smile Ok Im currently on Plusnet ADSL I used to be on a Netgear DG834 for quite some time until it chucked in the towel frown Since then for the last few months ive been using an old TalkTalk Huawei HG523 router, To be fair it did its job and i had no real issues with it to speak of.

My Plusnet Hub One (reworked BT HomeHub 5) arrived a couple of days back and I have set it all up with my preferred SSID and settings etc but the one niggle i have is my TP-Link WN722 USB wifi adaptor doesnt seem to be too keen on it! Its only Wifi-N 150mbps but when connecting to the Hub One it maxes its link at 65mbps?

Previously it would connect to the TalkTalk router at a steady 150mbps with no issues. My fibre is due to be installed on tuesday and Im not expecting much over 30mbps due to my line quality but 65mbs link is going to bottleneck me for sure.

Ive tried the obvious options, Ie making sure no B or G devices connected and also WPA2 only so its not throttled. Even sitting next to the Hub it still will not sync over 65. Tried inssider to look for channel congestion and its on the clearest channel in my area.

Ive managed to make a quick fix by bridging another old TT router (HG532) via Ethernet and i can link to that at 150mbps with no issues smile

Anyone have any further ideas or is it some sort of limitation with the Hub? Unfortunately the only other WiFi adapter to hand to test with is G so not much help smile

Thanks in advance for any advice

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 06-Dec-15 18:23:43
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Re: Plusnet Hub One Link speeds

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The joys of wireless I'm afraid, some devices just don't like talking together at the highest speeds

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Standard User mlmclaren
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 06-Dec-15 18:33:05
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Re: Plusnet Hub One Link speeds

[re: Bales1983] [link to this post]
possibly due to the Hub broadcasting a 20Mhz signal instead of 40mhz..

150Mb/s on your dongle will only work when the wireless broadcasts with a wide (40mhz) channel... and that's rare these days due to congestion from other networks.

I recommend you get a new dongle, preferably 5ghz

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Standard User prlzx
(experienced) Mon 07-Dec-15 19:18:41
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Re: Plusnet Hub One Link speeds

[re: Bales1983] [link to this post]
Additional, the data rates things can link at depend on the number of antennas for transmit / receive on each side and whether they can use spatial multiplexing

This has a bigger impact than widening or bonding the channels from 20MHz to 40MHz (or wider) unless you also have the spectrum all to yourself.

You'll find plenty of devices that qualify to advertise as "n" but for reasons of size or skimping only achieve single spatial stream. You can lookup what permutations achieve what rates if you scroll down to the table on the Wiki page for 802.11n.

In particular there are several ways the result in a link rate of 130 to 150,
while recognising this is an aggregate of both directions plus overheads for all devices sharing the channel, plus some transmissions to all stations that run at a slower common rate.

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