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Standard User mj3000
(newbie) Sat 19-Dec-15 19:35:01
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Networking problem via master phone socket

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Hi there

I am looking at the networking possibilities in the new build I moved into.

Each room has an ethernet network point, that end in a bundle of unconnected cables in the under the stairs cupboard.

The developers informed me that there is already an extension from the master socket into the under stairs cupboard and I believe I have located it. I would like to add rj45 connectors to the end of all cables and then network them together with an 8 port switch I have.

However I would need to add my router into the switch network and the router currently sits in the hall next to the master phone socket delivering wireless. If I move the router under the stairs and use the extension line, Iím going to reduce its wireless range which only just reaches the top floor, and also move it away from the master socket.

Is there any way I can utilise the master socket in the hall, (which has hidden behind the wall extension wiring to the under stairs cupboard), to loop in the nearby router with an ethernet cable, thereby making the extension cable that comes out under the stairs already networked, preferably without rewiring the master socket?

The master socket is of this type with the removable faceplate as seen here.

Is it possible to get a different plate that allows me to network the router back in via the same socket?

Cheers for any ideas.
Standard User MHC
(sensei) Sat 19-Dec-15 20:05:34
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Re: Networking problem via master phone socket

[re: mj3000] [link to this post]
Do NOT put RJ45 connectors on those cables! Terminate them on a patch panel. The cables will be infrastucture (solid) type and are designed for that. Then use short patch leads to the router/switch you chose.

And NO you cannot use the cable from master to under stairs as part of the network, UNLESS you disconnect it from the master. Disconnect it and install an RJ45 socket next to the master and terminate the cable there. You can then keep the modem/hub close to the socket and feed the output to the patch panel.

Also, if the range is already stretched on wireless, consider buying a new WAP and installing it on the top floor.



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit
Standard User ian007jen
(committed) Sun 20-Dec-15 09:23:57
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Re: Networking problem via master phone socket

[re: mj3000] [link to this post]
Just to add as MHC replied, you need a patch panel and a data cabinet;something along the lines of

Is there a network port beside the master phone socket?

I would relocate the router under the stairs and turn off wireless; then add two wireless access points in more central locations; these WAP's would be powered by power over ethernet (so you will need to add a POE switch to your shopping list as well).


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Standard User Michael_Chare
(experienced) Sun 20-Dec-15 13:59:38
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Re: Networking problem via master phone socket

[re: ian007jen] [link to this post]
Search Amazon for rj45 socket cat6, and use them to terminate the cables.

You could then use patch leads to a switch. 8 or 16 ports. The Zyxel Gigabit 16 port switches are not that expensive. The router can be located where you get a good wifi signal and attached to the switch.

You can always use improve your Wifi by using an old router with DHCP switched off and the IP address set so as not to conflict with anything else.

Michael Chare
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